The next big thing in the web industry to be considered is cloud computing.  Cloud computing often referred as cloud hosting, involves the use of a new age technology that is found in VPS hosting as well. Now, the growth of Information Technology is not only meant to share information, but it also meant to offer various services in business field. When the two programs are on different platforms, the “Application Programming Interface” adapted by cloud computing makes it possible for one program to connect with another one very easily. The services are offered in a simple way so that end user will understand it easily. A user doesn’t have to take much care on how the service is provided.

Cloud servers enable one to increase business capacity without the need of mammoth investment. Investment on IT tools and other infrastructure is the thing of the past with the arrival of cloud computing. This being said, many people out there aren’t aware of the three different types of cloud computing. Let’s take a look at them:

Platform as a service is a type of cloud hosting that is very close to SaaS, which is a kind of computing as well. One is expected to build his personal applications under this type of cloud computing feature.
This being said, service provider will provide the infrastructure to run the applications. The application is delivered through World Wide Web to the consumers. Users are allowed to build applications within certain limitations set by service providers. Respective service provider will check these limitations.

Second type of cloud computing is managed service provider. Here, the IT department will have exposure to the application; it is not unleashed in front of the end user. This is mostly used for virus and email scanning. Because of saving lot of time and money, loads of companies out there look out for managed server provider. With the help of managed service provider, organizations have experienced a boost in their efficiency and effectiveness.

Third type of cloud computing is Service Commerce platform. Both SaaS and MSP qualify for this type of cloud computing. People are provided a place to interact by this. The need for great amount of increased resources to manage the storage and flow of data has been risen by the growing complexity of data centers. These three types of cloud computing have been doing a great job in their arena at present.

To produce innovative technology in the interest of consumers, the web industry is under constant pressure nowadays. However, there are great amount of challenges to be overcome to address the challenges of regulation and commoditization. The cloud model has already been criticized on the security front and concerns are also raised over cloud providers shutting down due to lack of funds. However, this is true that cloud hosting and related infrastructure is only growing with every passing day.

With the proper infrastructure of cloud servers made for rock solid output, in downtime will be a myth to customers. Refer the links to know more about cloud hosting plan and select best suitable for you.